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I'm an outspoken supporter for many social justice issues. I have a passion for animals, and currently love #Revenge, #TeenWolf, #Blam, #OriginalWilSon, #Days, #GH, #BB16.
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Anonymous asked:

lol @ the #ZankieFallout segment. I know there's not a lot of time but that edit point out makes Frankie like a victim

kingrances answered:

Yeah, i hated that segment. They should have showed Frankie throwing Zach under the bus yesterday instead of a 10 minute long Team America segment. It was more important. Whatever, live feeders know who the real traitor is. 

so much this

Posted on 09, July 2014 July 09 2014 2014年7月9日 by activistash

Zach is preparing some moves for Thursday night.